Student Services

At LUCAS Universities and Colleges of Applied Sciences, students have access to all the resources needed to succeed. These resources are available on campus and/or online 24/7.

• Access to comprehensive online libraries and online language learning resources

• Access to a student portal containing all information needed (schedules, academic and administrative statements, course material, forms and applications, student catalogues and handbook), as well as communication tools with Faculty and Administration

• Individual orientation and counseling.

Students also benefit from emergency medical services, as well as from cultural and and sports activities organised by the College in or around its present campuses.  (those same services, plus many others, will be available inside the future new campuses).


In line with its mission and its values, LUCAS system puts a strong emphasis on students’ multiple contacts with the professional world. Hence the importance of internships.

Before graduation, non-working students have to complete internships in their major: a minimum total duration of 16 weeks for BA students and 8 weeks for Master’s. At the end of the internship period, a Training Report Paper will have to be submitted.

Working students could eventually be exempted from the internship but not from the Training Report Paper. Non fulfillment of training and report paper obligations will delay graduation until due obligations are completed.

Placement & Recruitment

The Student Placement & Recruitment Office offers comprehensive resources to help students from their first day on campus. It serves also the alumni in their career moves.

Students will benefit from counselling and information on resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills, networking skills, job searching skills and self-assessment, in addition to announcements on internships and employment opportunities.