LUCAS (Leaders Universities and Colleges of Applied Sciences) is a pan-African and bilingual university group.
Our campuses are present to date in Accra (Ghana) since 2016, in Lomé (Togo) since 2018, in Niamey (Niger) since 2019, and in Bamako (Mali) since 2020.
The degree and the training programs cover several fields: business and management, IT, coding and digital, agro-business, hospitality and tourism.
The programs offered at the Associate, Bachelor and Master’s levels are accredited by national authorities. They also lead to French degrees from partner institutions.
LUCAS also offers professionals and businesses short programs which are delivered either on campus or on client’s premises.
Our group is part of the European educational group EDUSERVICES, based in Paris and present in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
Our educational partners provide us with programs, methodology, systems, faculty and student exchanges, as well as with double degree programs.

Our Values

We know you want education and training that enables you to be successful professionally. This is why we offer quality education based on:

A global vision in line with a constantly evolving world
The knowledge and skills required in the world of work
A focus on modern technology and techniques
Education and training given by experts from the professional world
Interactive learning and learner-centered methodology
Practical projects allowing the direct application of knowledge
Bilingual training that allows to work throughout the region
The possibility of studying abroad during long programs
Preparation for employment, internships and employment assistance.


Our partnerships offer you quality professors and trainers, exchange programs, study abroad opportunities, the opportunity to prepare at LUCAS for their degree in addition to the LUCAS degree. Click here to learn more about our international programmes.


3W Academy is a college specialized in web and mobile development. Founded in 2012, it has already trained more than 6,000 coders, through short courses, bootcamps and degree courses (up to the Master’s level). Courses are accredited by the Grande École du Numérique for their ability to train professional developers.

Griffith College, Ireland

Established in 1974, Griffith College is Ireland’s largest independent educational institution that offers internationally recognised postgraduate and undergraduate degree programmes.

MyDigitalSchool, France

MyDigitalSchool is a multimedia college started in France to train the new digital professionals through programmes tailored to professionals’ needs.

MBway, France

MBway network’s mission is to educate business professionals and managers in a variety of fields. MBWay is based in France with a presence in parts of Africa.

Our Innovative Structure

The best way to bridge the gap between academia and the professional world is to work together. Below is a visual that shows how we incorporate industry professionals into the LUCAS educational structure to ensure that you are receiving an education that is in tune with the market.

LUCAS is a tertiary higher education institution accredited in Ghana since 2016.
Since January 2017, LUCAS has been offering Bachelor and Master’s programmes accredited by the Ghana National Accreditation Board (NAB).
Since September 2018, LUCAS has been accredited in Togo by the Ministry of Higher Education and is offering BTS, Bachelor and Master’s programmes.
Since January 2019, LUCAS has been accredited in Niger by the Ministry of Higher Education and is offering Bachelor and Master’s programmes.
In November 2019, the Ministry of Higher Education of Mali authorised LUCAS University Institute Mali to offer is programmes in Bamako (ACI 2000).