You are about to enter the exciting world of college

It is going to be challenging, inspirational and one of the most memorable times of your life. During this time of self-discovery, our goal is to give you a solid academic foundation and equip you with critical employable skills as you continue your educational journey.

By the end of your first year, you will choose the major you would like to study for the remaining two years. Additionally, all LUCAS Bachelor students have to submit a Graduation Project (GP) in their 3rd year. The GP is a structured and practical project dealing with specific problems related to your field of study. It will not only cover the methods used in the field, but also tackles key issues facing your industry using the theories learned in class and/or through research.

By the time you graduate, you’ll have the skills, knowledge and the hands-on experience you need to take on the professional world

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Our approach to Business and Management is not business as usual. We focus on hands-on learning, practical knowledge and expose you to the new technologies and trends that are shaping the industry.


SCHOOL OF I.T. & Computer Science

Technology, now more than ever, is changing the world of business. From data mining to programming, technology is helping businesses grow and opening up a whole new world of opportunities. LUCAS School of I.T. & Computer Science prepares you for the tech savvy era world by linking you with the best minds in the field, teaching you new coding languages and helping you stay up to date with the changing IT World.


SCHOOL OF Hospitality & Tourism

From the stylish hotels on the coast to the flourishing national parks, there is hardly any industry that is as interesting and as exciting as Hospitality & Tourism. As a student of LUCAS School of Hospitality & Tourism, you’ll be equipped to handle the demands of the sector and be trained to work across the region.